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Assassin's creed syndicate code promo

assassin's creed syndicate code promo

Activity: Twelve Street Racing (250 influence each) and seven Fight Club. Knife Hill Requirement: Use Throwing Knives to kill an enemy from cover 75 times. Common combat skills Multi-Finisher Requirement: Sequence 1 Cost: 0 Effect: When close to multiple enemies that are near death, execute up to four enemies at a time to gain extra experience. If your character is already at a higher level, you should visit one of the harder fight clubs since the enemies may die too quickly. You may have up to five rooks following you at a time.

The Mars Level: 10 Requirement: Reach Loyalty Level 5 with Ned Wynert for the Crafting Plan, 10000, 150 Metal, and 100 Chemical Assassin Gauntlets Leather Gauntlet Level: 1 Requirement: Unlocked by default. If something goes wrong, simply reload the last checkpoint. You can hear the music boxes when you are close to them. Dove Cane-Sword Level: 10 Requirement: Successfully complete the Dreadful Crimes. Demonic Revolver Level: 4 Requirement: Redeem a promo code. Gold Blessing Kukri Level: 7 Requirement: Conquer the Borough of The Thames. Effect: Slightly increases allies' hit points. Bring the ruling class to their knees.

Combat Stamina Requirement: Level 6 Cost: 6 Effect: Performing multi-kills regenerates health based on the number of enemies killed. All Bounty Hunt locations Go to the indicated locations to start all the Bounty Hunts. Goddess Cane-Sword Level: 4 Requirement: Reach Loyalty Level 1 with Robert Topping. Black: Collect 20 Pressed Flowers.

Defense II Requirement: Level 3 and Defense I Cost: 2 Effect: Reduces all ranged damage taken. Near Death Recovery Requirement: Survive a fight after entering a critical state 50 times. Lancaster 4-Barrels Level: 4 Requirement: Successfully complete Sequence 6: "A Case Of Identity". Zipline Assassin Requirement: Assassinate an enemy from a zipline 25 times. The War at Home: Complete the World War I simulation. Phantom: Learn every Stealth Skill as Evie. Military Suit coupon reduction gnomon watches Requirement: Successfully complete WWI Time Anomaly, The Darkest Hour.

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